I have started my career in Lebanon in 2005 at the " social health care Centers of Rafik Hariri Foundation". During my career I have assisted in the establishment of few radiology centers, medical laboratories and polyclinics, WMC, ABC Laboratories, ABC Medical Imaging. For few years, I was the representative of USARAD in the Middle East and the G.C.C..

In the healthcare sector: In 2019, I established "Cedars Medicare" (CM) specialized in organizing and providing medical and social services. CM is the exclusive representative of "the mutual fund of the Lebanese National Social Security Fund" for 10 years, offering a "Medico-Social Card" with a network of more than 36 medical centers distributed all over Lebanon.

In the Education and cultural sector: I am proud to be an active member and medical consultant in AFLEC - "L'Association Franco-Libanaise de l’education et de la Culture" - Paris.

In the academic sector: I am the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUC- "Al-Matn University College". Being the General manager of "The Lebanese Institution for culture and education", I have created an exclusive academic partnership with "Alexandria University" for few years.

Finally, I was honored in Russia and was given the title of "Ambassador of Russian Education" by "Kursk State Medical University".

In the teaching sector: I am a clinical instructor at the Beirut Arab University. I have started teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2018.

In the social services sector: I was the main founder of "The Tawfiq and Rafah Charity Association: Reconciliation and welfare Charity Association" and "Cedars Mutual Fund". We were granted the right to offer orientation and cultural courses for orphans in"the social welfare institutions". We were the main supporter of the "AMAN" program for the orphans care within their families.

We were the first in Lebanon to organize "the first Ceremony for the Firefighters day" and we offered training sessions to support women. Nowadays, we yearly sponsor more than one thousand families.


Pharm D
Executive Manager

Professional experience

Since March 2019:
Co- founder and Pharmacist consultant and Managing partner at Cedars medicare, Medical services management company, Beirut, Lebanon. 2010 till 2015:
Owner of the Elham Pharmacy-Dawhat Aramoun. 2005 to 2008:
Pharmacist at Pasteur pharmacy, Sin El-Fil, Lebanon. February(2005):
Pharmacist at UNITED drug store, Beirut, Lebanon. 2004-2005:
Pharmacist Assistant at Seif El Deen pharmacy Beirut,Lebanon.

Pharmaceutival Consultancies and social experience:

2012 till now:
Pharmacist advisor at Cedars mutual Fund, Beirut ,Lebanon; 2002-2004:
Assistant of the Director of the office of students affairs of Transrussian Co., Kursk State Medical university, Kursk, Russia.

Executive Manager

Dalinda Mahmoud Chebaro, M.S.
Medico-Social Specialist

Education: Phd Canddates in safax university- Tunisia: community development,
MASTER in counseling and psychosocial guidance, Lebanese university. B.S.
in socio-medical assistance, faculty of general health, Lebanese university.

Work Experience
15/12/1999 – 2009: Social Worker at Directorate of health and social services- Hariri Foundation. Beirut.
2010 till today: Manager polarization of the needs at the Organizations of the social care – Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya
2015 till today: Vice president – Sustainable development projects at CEDARS MUTUAL FUND- Beirut, Lebanon.
2019 till today Specialist in divorce case in the courts
2018 till today Member in the social worker Association.

Project Manager

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of a group of specialists from the various relevant sectors in Lebanon.

Board Of Trustees

Vaira Harik, M.S.

Ms. Harik holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master's Degree in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Her areas of specialization are in public health cost and policy analysis and she worked on numerous international health consulting projects in Egypt, Gambia, Barbados, and Jamaica. Her professional experience also includes Public Health Director and financial advisor. She is now the Deputy Director of the Barnstable County Massachusetts Department of Human Services, where her duties include public health surveillance, research and policy analysis, and health program design and implementation.

Ms. Harik is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lebanon's Institute of Higher Education (founded in 1992)

Ms. Harik is a dual citizen of the United States and of Lebanon. She grew up in Lebanon during its Civil War (1975-1990) and volunteered as a first responder/civil defense worker as a teenager. She presently lives and works in the United States and maintains a home in her family's ancestral Lebanese village of Bteghrine.

Vaira Harik

Hisham Dafterdar, CPA, PhD

Dr. Hisham Dafterdar, Consultant- partner, Jeyad Advisory, Bahrain; Advisor, International Institute of Waqf, Malaysia; Chairman of the Board of Trustees -Awqaf Australia; director – Awqaf New Zealand; founding director of National Awqaf Foundation of Canada. He joined the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1989 and held senior positions in the Treasury and Islamic Financial Services departments. He represented the Bank on company boards and international committees and conferences.

Over more than two decades, Dr. Dafterdar has been instrumental in the development of awqaf sector and waqf properties. He delivered and published a number of research papers and articles on Awqaf and Islamic finance, and served as discussant and panelist in international conferences and seminars.

Hisham Dafterdar

Dr. Judith Palmer Harik, PhD

Dr. Harik holds a PhD from the University of Iowa in Comparative Politics and had a long and distinguished career at the American University of Beirut. Presently on the Board of Directors of Lebanon's Institute of Higher Education (founded in 1992), Dr. Harik retired as an Associate Professor of Political Science from the American University of Beirut in 2003. She is a published author on Lebanese sectarian politics of the Shiite and Druze communities and authored numerous peer-reviewed books and journal articles on these subjects. She continues her work as a consultant on the political affairs of Lebanon.

Dr.Judith Harik

Name: Tony Mayasi

About me:

I am a self made entrepreneur and my mission is to be innovative. My path in life is based on transparency, honesty, and generosity. My personal success is due to being positive especially in hard times and focusing on what is creative and constructive.


I created several websites for the needy such as This i an educational platform for children who cannot afford to go to school. The main drive behind this website was to help Lebanese and Syrian kids to learn how to read and write Arabic and English languages. My second phase is to teach kids vocational studies such as technicians or skilled trade. Also I created Many nonprofit and government agencies contribute funds and grants but would like to know how their money were spent. Thus I decided to create a transparent platform and provide detailed invoices to enable those agencies to check online how and where their funds were disbursed. Finally, I created for radiology analysis. Needy patients need diagnosis and many times they cannot afford to go to doctors especially in Lebanon because of high-priced doctor fees. Therefore teleradonline will serve those patients through volunteer radiologists.


I am the CEO of TAAL Communications LTD based in Cyprus, Portugal, and UK, and I serve on its board of directors. Before being named CEO in August 2019, I was Mayan Communications LTD CEO from 2008 - 2018.

I migrated to USA in January 1983 and I earned a Bachelor and 2 Masters degrees in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning. In 1991 - 1998 I worked at Dar Al Handasah in design and supervision of the reconstruction and rebuilding the Central Business District of Beirut. Afterwards I went back to USA to pursue higher education in telecommunication and programming. I left USA in 2002 heading to Cyprus to work as an Architect from 2002 - 2006.

Mid 2006 I resigned to be self employed and work in telecommunications field such as application servers, DDOS prevention, Linux security, wireless internet provider, and security protocols. I joined Mayan Communications LTD then TAAL Communications LTD I am still performing the same professional tasks till date.

What I seek:

Peace and harmony for my fellow human beings, help the needy, and above all to put a smile on a child's face.


Tony Mayasi

Nikolaos (Nicolas) Tzenios

Nikolaos Tzenios

Our Members

The number of Fund family members is almost 4000 , and we are working to include more than 10,000 Lebanese families. Most of the members come from low income and poor families, orphans, the injured and handicapped from the vast explosion, and widows, who can hardly put food on their tables because of the sudden rise in food prices due to collapse of our currency and lack of jobs in the employment sector. Their situation got worse with the recent explosion which devastated people's lives and source of income. Despite all these life's challenges, Cedars members always spread positive vibes in the Lebanese society.


A group of almost 200 associates have formed a rescue team to deal with the August 4 disaster that afflicted the Lebanese peaple.